Linda O'Hern


Linda has worked in the Counselling and Psychotherapy arena since 2005.  Prior to this she worked as a Middle Manager for 23 years in the MOD; she was a Budget Manager and Finance Trainer.  During this time Linda was advised by a Clinical Psychologist that she needed to change her lifestyle because she was experiencing major anxiety and adjustment disorders leading to chronic fatigue.

Linda had a young family at the time whom she wanted to see grow up to be physically and emotionally well with different life experience to what she knew; so she made difficult and painful decisions to change.  Part of these changes involved a new career direction into psychotherapy.  During her training, Linda engaged in intense personal therapy both individually and in a group setting to address her mental and emotional health issues.  She did this by paying for a Private Practitioner.      

Linda’s motivations for being a therapist are to facilitate greater psychological and emotional health awareness in adults so they are able to recognise, reflect and make new decisions about how to improve some of their impact on themselves, others and particularly children.

Linda wants to reduce the stigma attached to mental and emotional health issues, by encouraging new perspective around them.  Linda sees therapy as a form of going to “gym for the mind”.  She believes investment of time, money and energy into caring for your mental health is as important as caring for your physical health and can be achieved in many ways.

Linda is currently working to bring together several organisations; from the Private, Charitable and Public Sectors to form a collaborative working “Community Interest Company/Co-Operative” called “United Therapies”.  The aim of this is to seek collaborative working contracts and funding that allow provision of reduced cost, high quality, effective and safe therapy which individuals/families contribute to according to means. 

She works with Lincolnshire Counselling and Mediation Service (LCMS) as their Clinical Lead offering assessment and treatment to counselling clients.  She has many years’ experience of mediation, working on contracts awarded by Lincolnshire County Council, Lincolnshire Police, Social and Children’s Services and Housing Associations.  She has dealt with neighbour disputes, anti-social behaviour, employment disagreements, family and couples issues and homelessness.

Previously she worked at Lincoln College as a Counselling Lecturer; teaching BTEC Level 2, 3 and 5 students.

Linda adopts a different approach to many therapists because she offers opportunities to work in therapeutic groups and psycho-educational classes as well as one-to-one and couples' therapy.  Providing opportunity for prevention of issues is incredibly important to her as well as offering curative healing and repair. 

Practicing Transactional Analysis (TA) models, concepts and theories is important to her because she enjoys working in a Humanistic and Integrative way. TA is an expansive theory which can be applied educationally, organisationally, psychotherapeutically and through counselling. 

One of the cornerstones of TA is the idea that everyone has the choice and ability to make new decisions about their life and the way ahead whether they have chosen to change or had change imposed. 

TA allows us to look at some of our deeper issues, challenge unhelpful thoughts, feelings and behaviours so we can learn to live more fulfilled lives, heal old wounds and feel generally better about ourselves.  Linda specialises in working with anxiety, trauma and abuse and the affects these have on attachment, personal and professional development.  She is also able to help with many other issues, such as relationship issues, depression, grief and loss.  

If you would like to talk to her about how she can help you resolve any issues you are experiencing, or you wish to find out any more information about Counselling and Psychotherapy please feel free to contact her without obligation.