Ainslie Sheldan


Ainslie Sheldan describes herself as a good-spirited maverick, who at the age of 54, has only recently graduated ‘the school of life’. 
Ainslie served in the Royal Air Force and later qualified as a sports therapist. Today, having experienced fibromyalgia and sever fatigue for many years, Ainslie combines ground-breaking research in the area environmental medicine with advanced bioenergetics, with the aim of improving ‘keys’ crucial to physical, mental, and emotional health. The ‘keys’ are: good quality sleep and ample available energy.
Using safe, simple, and side-effect free therapeutics, Ainslie further offers assistance to teenagers and young adults transitioning their adolescent years into adulthood and with that, any: allergies, skin conditions, and emotional disorientation that they may experience along the way.